After 25 years of working with our community to take care of this remarkable place, we realized that we cannot accomplish our mission of ecological health in Sonoma Valley without systemic change that’s supported by the whole community.
— Richard Dale, Sonoma Ecology Center, Executive Director

Sustainable Sonoma was conceived by Sonoma Ecology Center to achieve a common agenda for the Valley that most of the community can support. In the early stages, the Ecology Center has led in building the Sustainable Sonoma partnerships, primarily with the Chamber of Commerce and with the Sonoma Valley Health Roundtable. As Sustainable Sonoma matures, it will take on its own identity—a standalone staff, independent funding—so that it belongs to the whole community, not any particular organization. Over time, the founding partners will become just a few of the many interests at the table.

Over 100 non-profits and agencies work to make Sonoma County a better place to live and share a similar vision of a better Sonoma Valley, but we still need a coordinated workplan, common goals, and shared, measurable outcomes that would lead to efficiencies and greater success. Sustainable Sonoma was founded to accelerate overall progress by avoiding duplication and by searching for coordinated solutions that move beyond current silos. We will be successful when we can say that Sonoma Valley is a thriving, just, sustainable community, a model for Sonoma County, the state, and the nation.