who's involved with sustainable sonoma?


Name, Role in Sustainable Sonoma

Affordable Housing Task Force, David Stollmeyer (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Chamber of Commerce, Mark Bodenhamer (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Richard Dale (Sustainable Sonoma Steering Committee)

City Council, Rachel Hundley (Sustainable Sonoma Council)                                              

Sonoma Valley Interfaith Ministerial Association, Curran Reichert (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Steve Finley (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

F.I.S.H., Sandy Piotter (Sustainable Sonoma Council)                                            

Fire Recovery, Laurie Decker (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Greenbelt Alliance, Teri Shore (Sustainable Sonoma Council)                       

Hanna Institute, Nick Dalton (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Impact100, Diana Sanson (Sustainable Sonoma Council)                                    

La Luz Center, Veronica Vences (Sustainable Sonoma Steering Committee), Angie Sanchez (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

North Bay Jobs with Justice, Marty Bennett (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

North of the Mission Neighborhood Assocation, Sheila O'Neill (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Real Estate, Cathy Wade Shepard (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Ann Colichidas (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Rebuild North Bay, Walter McGuire (Sustainable Sonoma Council)                                              

Resilient Sonoma, Nick Dalton (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Sierra Club, Tom Conlon (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Social Justice Advocacy, Mario Castillo (Sustainable Sonoma Council)                    

Sonoma County Regional Parks, Melanie Parker (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Bert Whitaker (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Sonoma Ecology Center, Richard Dale (Sustainable Sonoma Steering Committee)                                                   

Sonoma Land Trust, John McCaull (Sustainable Sonoma Council)                               

Sonoma Police Department, Orlando Rodriguez (Sustainable Sonoma Council)                          

Sonoma Valley Fund, Peg Van Camp (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Katherine Fulton (Advisor)

Sonoma Valley Health Center, Cheryl Johnson (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Mari-Carmen Reyes (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Sonoma Valley Health Roundtable, Richard Dale (Sustainable Sonoma Steering Committee), Cynthia Scarborough (Sustainable Sonoma Steering Committee), Cheryl Johnson (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Kelly Mather (Sonoma Valley Health Round Table), Beth Dadko (Health Action, Staff)

Sonoma Valley High School Student, JacquelineTorres (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation, Kelly Mather (Sonoma Valley Health Round Table), Dave Pier (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Sonoma Valley Housing Group, Stephanie Hiller (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Sonoma Valley Unified School District, Socorro Shiels (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Nicole Abate Ducarroz (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Bruce Abbott (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers Alliance, Maureen Cottingham (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Abigal Taylor (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau, Gary Saperstein (Sustainable Sonoma Steering Committee)

Springs Community Alliance, Rich Lee (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Ellen Conlan (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Anna Pier (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Teen Services, Cristin Felso (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Doug Hanford (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Deb Kweller (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Transition Sonoma Valley, Tom Conlon (Sustainable Sonoma Council)                                    

Office of US Congressman, Mike Thompson, Rebecca Hermosillo (Sustainable Sonoma Council)

Vintage House, Priscilla Essert (Sustainable Sonoma Council), Mark O'Brien (Sustainable Sonoma Council)


Chris Allen, Jim Bundschu, Laurie Decker, Katherine Fulton, Norman Gilroy, Ted Hoffman, Ellie Insley, David Morell


“The police department/Sheriff’s Office is proud to be a part of Sustainable Sonoma. We support Sustainable Sonoma and their vision of a Healthy, Resilient, Sustainable, and Thriving community.  If they, along with our other non-profits, are successful, then our community will be a better place to live, work, and raise a family.” – Bret Sackett, Former Police Chief, Sonoma Police Department

“Sonoma Valley unified school district is proud to be a part of Sustainable Sonoma. Since the future of Sonoma Valley is currently being educated in our schools we need to ensure of education priorities are informed by the work of Sustainable Sonoma. We need to be educating our students today of the needs of the future. Also the Sonoma Valley school district recognizes that it is part of current community of Sonoma as an employer needing trained employees as an organization that have a large physical foot print in the county and consumer of resources. We need to be part of the discussion on how to ensure Sonoma continues to thrive.” – Bruce AbbottAssociate Superintendent of Business, Sonoma Valley Unified School District

“The Springs Community Alliance is partnering with Sustainable Sonoma because it’s vitally important in the course of their important work that they hear and understand the vision of Springs residents. The Springs has 15,000 people...one-third of the entire Valley population. We have 50% more people than Sonoma town for instance. Our dreams are important and need to be heard. And this is a first step.” – Ellen Conlan, Vice Chair Springs Community Alliance,Springs Community Alliance

Sustainable Sonoma is exactly what our Valley needs at eactly the right time. Its leaders have carefully laid the groundwork to give us whwat we have lacked—a chance to understand the integrated nature of the complex challenges ahead of us, and choose our future together. I urge Impact100 to make a brave and catalutic investment not only in Sustainable Sonoma, but in all of us.” – Katherine Fulton, national philanthropy expert and co-author of Sonoma Valley Fund’s 2017, Hidden in Plain Sight

We are excited to participate in Sustainable Sonoma and supportive of the vision to tackle some of our larger social and environmental challenges through collaboration.—Melanie Parker, Deputy Director, Natural Resource Manager, Sonoma County Regional Parks

As Sustainable Valley recovers from the October fires, we need to think big and incorporate a variety of perspectives to ensure success. Instead of solving one problem while inadvertenly creating another, we need to find broad solutions that will benefit everyone. I’m incredibly supportive of Sustainable Sonoma, and grateful to them for bringing diverse stakeholders together through cooperation.” – Susan Gorin, District 1 Supervisor

“It takes everyone pushing in the same direction for change to happen.“This initiative is a foundation for this push.” – Juan Hernandez, Executive Director, La Luz Center

I am pleased to be part of the Sustainable Sonoma Council. The Valley needs a forum like this, to bring people together, or else we won’t be able to find good solutions to problems like sustainable tourism and affordable housing. It’s a great way to hear from a wide variety of people and find that we have some common ground to work from.”– Rachel Hundly, Sonoma City Council