Voices of Sonoma Valley

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Sustainable Sonoma's listening sessions recorded over 1,600 comments about what Sonoma Valley residents and workers want for the future of their community.

The opinion expressed most often, twice as often as the next most common opinion, was that Sonoma Valley should have more affordable housing of many types and prices. People want to see a wider variety of housing options, that can be afforded by people who work in the Valley, at all income levels.

Large numbers of people also said they want a future Sonoma Valley where: open space is protected; we have more mobility options such as walking, biking, and public transportation; there's more connection and inclusion across our community; and young people have more opportunities.

These findings informed the Sustainable Sonoma Council when they chose to focus on the issue of "housing affordability" over the next year. 

How this priority issue will be approached, and whether or not additional issues will be adopted, are yet to be determined by the Sustainable Sonoma Council, which will meet again in November. 

The listening session findings, and the Council's focus on housing, provide an exciting focus, as we now move toward unprecedented collaboration around pressing issues that affect our whole community.

Kim JonesComment