Unpacking "housing affordability", next steps

Photo credit: Rachel Hundley, City Council

Photo credit: Rachel Hundley, City Council

Sustainable Sonoma Council unpacks “housing affordability” and what that means as this coalition’s first collective goal.

On November 28th, the over 20 community leaders on the Sustainable Sonoma Council met to define "housing affordability" in a way that is powerfully motivating for all interest groups. 

We refined concepts like "affordable," "diverse neighborhoods" and "green housing," seeking out points of agreement and disagreement across the Council. Through unpacking these types of terms, the coalition is drafting a platform that reflects consensus among the stakeholders. 

Next steps for bettering Sonoma Valley's housing situation

Housing is a notoriously complex and challenging issue. A major next step, therefore, is to raise the level of knowledge in our community about opportunities and barriers for a better housing situation. We'll bring in inspiring experts, understand the many housing initiatives happening in Sonoma County and the Bay Area, and learn from successful initiatives in other similar places.

Sustainable Sonoma Council members and staff will talk with community organizations and local agencies about Sustainable Sonoma's Voices of Sonoma Valley report, and learn more about how these groups want to be part of the housing solution.

In the background, we are working to increase the capacity of Sustainable Sonoma to deliver, including active roles for more Sustainable Sonoma partners, and raising public and private funds for our collective work.

We welcome ideas, suggestions, studies, examples from other communities, and general feedback here

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