Community engagement update

Listening Sessions Update

We have gathered over 800 responses so far to our wide range of questions about the future of Sonoma Valley. We are asking these questions through a series of public listening sessions, our website, and at the events and meetings of organizations and groups working for the interests of social justice, health, business and the environment. 

Our aim is to have the community to weigh in on which issues the Sustainable Sonoma Council will focus on. By forming the Sustainable Sonoma Council—a group of people representing over 30 interests in Sonoma Valley—we are building our community's capacity to collaborate on major issues in a way that has not been possible before.

We know a lot of you are eager to hear which issues are rising to the top so far at listening sessions. To be fair to everyone participating, we are not reporting findings until we have done a comprehensive analysis, and are still working to give more of our community an opportunity to weigh in.

In the meantime, here are some statements offered at listening sessions so far that we hope will inspire you to share your thoughts (if you haven't already)!

Listening Session Quotes

Sonoma County Community Member Engagement Co-Design Retreat


Maricarmen Reyes from Sonoma Valley Community Health Center attended the Sonoma County Community Member Engagement Co-Design Retreat on behalf of Sustainable Sonoma.

The purpose of the day was to support Health Action Chapters in achieving authentic community engagement. Sustainable Sonoma is fortunate to have access to this kind of training and support through Health Action.

Kim JonesComment