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Sonoma County is Changing its Housing Game

To keep our community members working and living in Sonoma County, Sonoma County is shaking up their own policies. Watch this 4-minute video to see how.


Housing Words that Work

Community Foundation Sonoma County commissioned a housing "playbook" from Dr. Tiffany Manuel, to highlight the messages that will be most successful in building public will for more and better housing in Sonoma County.

Here's Dr. Manuel's framing, which Sustainable Sonoma encourages everyone in Sonoma Valley to use:

In Sonoma, we have mastered the art of protecting the beauty of our environment for everyone to enjoy. Whether you own hundreds of acres of land here or farm the land, whether you own or rent a home here, all are welcome to enjoy the beauty of our natural landscape. Our ability to leave a beautiful Sonoma to the next generation depends on our ability to plan for the needs of our region –our environment, our people, and our homes. Our businesses, farms and schools need workers and our schools need teachers who can afford to be here –people who live here because of the beauty of our landscape. In Sonoma, we know what it takes to plan forward –for our environment, our people and our homes. We all thrive when we take action to ensure a diverse mix of homes exists in our community.

Kim JonesComment