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Below are examples of the qualities that a equitable community in Sonoma Valley might have, as identified by a small but broad set of Sonoma Valley people in 2016 to stimulate community conversation. *

  • People who work here can afford to live here

  • People have the economic resources to make ends meet

  • Every child gets a high quality education

  • People feel like the good qualities of their community will persist: Parents feel their children will be able to live well here

  • Young people feel there is work for them here

  • This is a healthy place for all residents to live, work, and play. People eat healthy food, enjoy good mental health, are physically active, and can afford health care

  • People are connected to their communities and participate in community life

  • Government processes are clear, inclusive, and easy to engage with. People have faith in the system and feel it belongs to them

  • Policies reflect stated community goals

  • Everyone has a valued place in the community

  • We invest more in those who need more

  • All have access to opportunities regardless of who they are

  • Work is paid fairly regardless of who you are

* Ava Castro (Future Farmers of America, church, youth),  Beth Dadko (Sonoma County Department of Health Services, Health Action), Caitlin Cornwall (Sonoma Ecology Center), Juan Hernandez (La Luz), Katherine Fulton (Sonoma Valley Fund), Laurie Decker (Chamber of Commerce), Mike Benziger (Retired Farmer), Patricia Shults (Chamber of Commerce), Richard Dale (Sonoma Ecology Center)


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